Will I have more than 50 followers when this market closes January 20th
resolved Jan 21

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@levifinkelstein Looks like you never really dipped below 57, so despite 3 people bailing on you to try to bring this down to a NO, you are stuck with a YES.

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@levifinkelstein The market can resolve now

Wait why did I do what I did now.

No one’s gonna unfollow to manipulate this market?

@nmehndir In the limit it is easier to force additional followers than remove followers. So such a reversal is more easily betrayed by adding bot followers. So it is probably not worth the coordination challenge to try to grab the NO, but I'd be curious to see what happens if I'm wrong.

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@levifinkelstein himself is a NO voter, so maybe he's been stacking the deck with bot followers all along waiting for this "massive" rugpull opportunity.

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It seems like a win-win to play it straight. Buying a bunch of followers for your markets for a couple hundred mana should easily recoup that mana, or reap the drama and lose the followers for a <$100 upside if you sweep the table by rugpulling right at the last second before the other side can rally a bunch of temp followers and rugpull you back?

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@nmehndir even if everyone buying no unfollowed it wouldn't change anything.

this is gonna be a close one guys

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@levifinkelstein no it won't

Re-followed mwahahaha