Sam Trabucco aka sam2 was friends with Sam Bankman-Fried at MIT and they worked at Jane Street together. Trabucco joined Alameda Research in March 2019, and officially became the co-CEO in October 2021 along with Caroline Ellison. He stepped down in August 2022, just before FTX imploded.

Federal prosecutors have spoken with him as part of their investigations and the FTX bankruptcy has uncovered more than $15m in cash payments to him, as well as $2.5m for his yacht, "Soak My Deck".

Resolves to "Yes" if he's charged with any crime or a plea deal before the end of 2024.

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Sam Trabucco (co-CEO of Alameda at the time) was named in court today as being involved with a $100M bribe in order to get FTX's $1B capital out of China. This is would likely be a violation of the US foreign corrupt practices act.

Court filing shows an FTX account 'trabby' which had special privileges including not being subject to liquidation:

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