Will I make a friend at Manifest?
resolved Sep 25

As well at going to Manifest to learn more about many different subjects and overall have fun, I would also like to make new connections and be able to use Manifest to make a new friend.

Resolves Yes if I get to know someone new at Manifest and recieve their number or a different way to contact them later.

Resolves No if I do not get to know someone new/do not get someone's contact.

Just in case, I will be actively trying to make new friends at Manifest.

Update: Manifest is creating a database of all the attendees and encourage attendees to put their discord on the form. If I make a friend at Manifest and they tell me to check the database for their discord and it works I will resolve Yes.

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I met a lot of cool people at manifest, but unfortunately I didn't get anyone's contact nor was I really expecting that the people I talked too would become friends with me, mostly because of an age difference maybe.

predicted YES

y'all are really optimistic for some reason lol