Will the current German government abolish/reduce the company car privilege?

"Germany can immediately fix its massive budget gap by eliminating more than €17 billion in tax breaks and benefits mainly for the auto sector, according to the nation’s environmental agency. [...] German officials are racing to fix the country’s budget crisis after its top court last month ruled that a top-up of a climate fund with around €60 billion ($65 billion) outside the regular budget was unconstitutional."

Resolves YES if the current government reduces the "Dienstwagenprivileg" (company car privilege) or abolishes it altogether.
Resolves NO otherwise (including if the next goverment implements this change).

I will not bet on this market.

More information on the "Dienstwagenprivileg" (German):

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It would make sense but it will not happen. The usual counter arguments:

  • It hurts the automotive industry, job losses!

  • It hurts the craftsman who need their vans, prices increase!

  • It is just jealousy