Will someone in my family harvest cannabis in 2024?
Dec 31

Cannabis is being legalized this April. People will be allowed to have 3 Plants.

My parents have a spare, south facing room that seems ideal for growing cannabis.

For this market the harvest has to occur in 2024 if they are still drying or so at the end it's not a problem.

For family only my parents, me and my brother count.

If e.g. my brother grows a plant together with a non family member, as long as 20% of the harvest belongs to our family it counts.

If someone gives e.g. my father an almost ready to be harvested plant it would still count.

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Do you or your parents intend to grow canabis?

@Schwabilismus There is a good chance one of us will.

Do you or your family have access to seeds?

@EstMtz Seeds will be legal to buy first of April.

I forgot to say, we all live in Germany.

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