Will you be able to buy Cannabis legally in Germany before 2026?

Germany has been seriously considering both decriminalizing Marijuana and allowing its legal distribution "by 2024". However, they face significant challenges and both the legal system in general and Germany in particular often faces delays.

This market will resolve to yes, if there is a shop/pharmacy in Berlin, Germany where I - as someone who lives here - can personally go in and buy Cannabis with > 1% of THC content without a perscription before 01.01.2026.

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To clarify further - I will resolve it as No, in all cases where I can't easily buy it off the street - e.g. if I need to get a perscription, or apply for membership, wait and then get it later, or if I have to wait until a membership slot is open or commit to buying more than once to get it or anything of that nature.

In the case of a membership, if it's a pure formality where I can go somewhere and sign something for membership without any hurdles as Im buying it, then I'll resolve it as yes.

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How would the market resolve if you'd have to be a member of a Cannabis Social Club in order to buy it?

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@HolgerBahren @Tenoke sounds like no, given that it says "shop/pharmacy" in the description

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@egroj The current rules about the clubs is that you must not pay for the Cannabis. You pay for club membership. Doesn't feel like "buying" to me.

@marktwse I think you also pay per gram, but also a membership fee.

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