Who will be the next prime minister of the Netherlands following the 2023 Election?
Jul 1
Frans Timmermans
Mona Keijzer
Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius
Caroline van der Plas
Pieter Omtzigt
Geert Wilders

This question will not resolve if a new caretaker PM is appointed before the formation of a new goverment.

Clone of this market, but with fixed payouts (the other one is DPM):

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Copilot gives good chances to Pieter Omtzigt. That’s strange.

@uair01 My random number generator said that 42214 would be the next minister president, so strange.

@Bart5f6d I see your irony, but there are some scientific papers that show that human AI cooperation improves predictions. I'm experimenting with that.

@uair01 Probably it uses data from before the elections. In any case, I would recommend not to put so much trust in a black box.

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What if we get an 'exteaparliamentary cabinet' and there's no clear prime minister?

Does it resolve other, n/a, or wait for the next cabinet?

@Fedor There will be a prime minister, the constitution requires it.

Extra parlementair betekent alleen dat het kabinet niet bestaat uit alleen maar partijleden niet dat er geen ministers zullen zijn.

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Oh crap did not read the description
Not resolves means N/A?

@WieDan I'm guessing 'will not resolve' means it won't cause the market to resolve to person X who is the caretaker PM. It will keep not being resolved till we get a new prime minister, it won't resolve N/A (unless like the Netherlands dissolves as a country)

@Fedor yeah this

We hebben een serieus probleem!

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If new elections are needed before there is a new prime minister, will this market resolve or stay open?

@Bart it will stay open

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I see basically two possible outcomes except re-election:

GL/PvdA + NSC + (support from VVD) + D66 -> Frans Timmermans is PM
PVV + NSC + BBB + (Support from VVD) -> Geert Wilders is PM

I think the first one is slightly more likely than the second, because the NSC might not want to burn credibility in a Wilders government and might get a favourable deal with the GL/PvdA.

@StephanWaldchen In your first scenario, I think support from the VVD is extremely unlikely if Frans Timmermans would be PM.

@jskf Mhm, interesting, what makes you say that? Do you think VVD and PvdA are further apart than PVV and VVD?

He's been around for a long time, never expected to see that

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Thanks, didn't see that one. Looks like it's also DPM though, so keeping this one open.

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