Will IsaacKing regain his trustworthy-ish badge within a year (5/2/2024)?
resolved Dec 31
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Why is this so low? There’s plenty of time until May and @IsaacKing has been behaving very honorably and contributing actively since his comeback.

Does it have to be on the @IsaacKing account, or would it still count if he uses a new account and gets a Trustworthy.ish badge there?

@JosephNoonan Nah that would be cheating. It has to be the main account.

@JosephNoonan but he wouldn't be able to create new markets on his main account until his mana balance is back to positive.

@tornado Don't worry he'll just buy his way out.

@johnleoks How? Do you think Manifold is going to let him buy $25k worth of mana again?

@JosephNoonan He's a sneaky fellow I'm sure he'll think of a way.

@johnleoks He'll think of a way if there is one, but 2.6 million mana is a pretty hole to dig yourself out of.

@JosephNoonan I have faith in his shrewdness.

@johnleoks I hope he succeeds. I can't wait to see The Lord of the Mana: The Return of the King

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