Was Russia responsible for the drone attack on the Kremlin?
closes 2024

We will only accept credible evidence reported by the mainstream media such as The New York Times, CNN, Huff Post, The Washington Post, The Economist etc. Rando Twitter "journalists" do not count.

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Was Ukraine behind the drone strike on the Kremlin ?52%
Will there be credible evidence that Ukraine was responsible for the drone attack on the Kremlin, Russia?37%
Will Russia retract its claim that the U.S. was behind the drone attack on the Kremlin in Russia?15%
Is a NATO-aligned or anti-Russian entity responsible for the Nord Stream attack?77%
Will Russia nuke Ukraine?11%
Will a nuclear weapon be detonated in the Russia-Ukraine war?8%
Will Russia shoot down a manned NATO military aircraft before 2025?24%
Which country is primarily responsible for the attack on Nordstream 1 and 2?
Will Ukraine use British Storm Shadow cruise missiles to attack the Kerch Bridge?10%
Conditional on a war between Kosovo and Serbia, will there be direct Russian involvement?31%
Was a western-aligned party (such as the US or Ukraine) responsible for the Nord Stream attack (IF there is a consensus at close)77%
Will another Russian missile hit New York by the end of the year?53%
Will Russia detonate a nuclear bomb in Ukraine by 2024?10%
What will be the cause of Putin's death?
Will Climate Manipulating Weapons be Used in the Russian / Ukraine Conflict?17%
What was the reason of the helicopter crash in Kyiv on Jan 18?
Was Snowden a Russian Asset? (ie did he communicate with Russian intelligence before fleeing the US)28%
Will stoning happen in Russia-controlled territories before the end of the war?43%
Will Dmitri Medvedev be the next president of Russia?21%
Before 1 October 2023, will Russia detonate a nuclear device in Ukrainian territory, territorial waters, or airspace?6%