will @jim have sex at any point prior to 2028?

if it ever happens, may resolve YES after some delay to preserve privacy

pretty much any sexual activity with another person would qualify as sex (must be consensual)

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Already got a professional haircut and with a 58% chance to make it to masters? This market is criminally underpriced.

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It's kind of his aversion that's the problem

it's so weird remembering this market exists after meeting him in person. Jim IRL seems like a completely different dude!

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@jim could be one of my pets. he thinks he's ace because he hangs around normies too much, and they're all unimpressive.

@RanaG buying YES is just incentivising me not to

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@jim kind of

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@jim why

@RanaG i get a bigger no position

@jim this market should not be endogenous to the outcome

@RanaG why not

@RanaG Hmmm yeah if he's saying he can be incentivized it sounds like his preferences weren't that certain to begin with.

Seems bullish

@Joshua I think a YES resolution is possible given

(1) the definition of sex is pretty wide

(2) I don't have to actually have a good time for this market to resolve YES (although, to be clear, it must be consensual)

(3) 2028 is a longish time away

But me having a big NO position would definitely make it less likely 😆

Maybe I should stop trading on the market.

@jim you have almost four years, which is longer than the span of time between me deciding I was ace and having sex.

do we know this character's sexuality or type?

i do wish manifold.love was still around

it was always destined to become manifold.sex

@voter the type is i don't interested in sex

@jim do I understand correctly that you are ace? 🥖🍰💜

A few questions that dramatically effect the odds:

  • Are you currently in a relationship?

  • What is your gender, sexual orientation, and romantic orientation?

  • Roughly how many in-person friends do you have?

  • What is your profession?

  • Do you want people to give advice on how to increase your odds?

no relationship, no genders, no friends, no profession, no advice

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