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I made a piece of art for Halloween that has a similar aesthetic and structure to the popular @FalseKnees comic (a beautiful pithy comic, usually made using a range of traditional mediums, about the life of birds and other wildlife). You can experience this wonderful storytelling and jokes on the author's twitter account, instagram account, the webtoons app, or their website falseknees.com .

Links to my twitter profile where I attempt to contact Mr./Ms/Mrs. Knees: https://twitter.com/jellyjamjan6

I have been trying to reach out to them on twitter and instagram (through posts or DM), but it's been a few weeks since they have responded. I reached out again today. Will my attempts at contact be forever lost in the depths of the internet, never to see recognition? Or will I get to squeal like a schoolgirl and have senpai acknowledge me?

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@jelly Can this resolve?

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Looks like the account only has a couple posts, to which senpai did not reply.

Resolves No.

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You got this!

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