Will we have a good uncensored AI roleplay platform?
closes Oct 1

OpenAI and Claude are very strict on their content policy. They are constantly trying to filter outputs and ban accounts that break their ToS. Will we have platforms that will offer uncensored AI roleplay that will be as enjoyable as the big players?

The criteria for being resolved is being better than OpenAI's GPT3.5 Turbo model, with humerous and creative writing, and offensive and explicit scenes.

Intelligence criteria is remembering appearances and scenery throughout the context (for example clothing), remembering past events, doing actions that make the most sense in the context and avoiding things that do otherwise (like removing a jacket that a character took off just a few moments ago, or a piece of clothing that the character was not described to wear)

You must have full access to the AI model, and it should not inject its own prompts. Full access to use it however you'd like, and must satisfy the roleplay requirements in terms of quality. Any character in any scenario that you'd like acting however you want it to.

Get Ṁ500 play money

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AdamTreat avatar
Adam Treatbought Ṁ10 of YES

This exists now. Several of the llama models are good enough and there has been fine tuning and roleplay specific stuff going on in the community. You need to have a look at gpt4all and related open source models and software.

ZacheryHolmes avatar
Zachery Holmesbought Ṁ100 of YES

There is a phone app called Chai, most of the models are not very good but each model is trained by users. Some of them are very good. Although prob not quite as good as gpt 3.5, but the answers are almost always instant.

TomatoesNeverLie avatar
Tomatoes Never Lie

Good god I hope not.

1 reply
fb68 avatar
Юрий Буракpredicts NO

@TomatoesNeverLie I hope yes and realize it won't be, for the same reasons

jb421 avatar
Dudebought Ṁ200 of YES

I'm trying out LLMs. I'm not sure if I'll make a detailed report, but things look hopeful.

Dennis5a87 avatar
Dennispredicts NO

Hard to see this resolve YES, there are only ~13 days left in this market. A new LLM releasing at GPT3.5 Turbo level seems low by itself, let alone fulfilling the roleplay criteria.

WhateverWhoCares avatar
WhateverWhoCarespredicts YES

What criteria does this not fulfill?


3 replies
BenjaminShindel avatar
Benjamin Shindelpredicts NO

@NickAldershof It’s clearly not as good as GPT3.5 by a long shot, lol. Read the criteria more closely.

WhateverWhoCares avatar
WhateverWhoCarespredicts YES

@BenjaminShindel why do you think that?

That criteria is so objective it's worthless.

The Creator should commit to using an external ranking like


BenjaminShindel avatar
Benjamin Shindelpredicts NO

@NickAldershof that ranking is of the best LLMs <FOR ROLEPLAY>. It needs to be better overall. Also, I think you're mixing up "objective" and "subjective".

fb68 avatar
Юрий Бурак

You want a freedom fighting/terrorism helper? I do (and won't mind instantly sending to heaven quite few quite large groups of people. All the reasons of censorship are 70% me, 29% people like me but dumber, 1% everything else)

BenjaminShindel avatar
Benjamin Shindel

Why does this close in two weeks?

4 replies
ZviMowshowitz avatar
Zvi Mowshowitzpredicts NO

@BenjaminShindel I assume because we must have it by then - otherwise this might as well be at 100% minus capital costs.

BenjaminShindel avatar
Benjamin Shindel

@ZviMowshowitz Creator seems new though? And 50% seems pretty high for something like that to happen in 2 weeks?

BenjaminShindel avatar
Benjamin Shindel

@BenjaminShindel Oh looks like they answered in the comments below

WhateverWhoCares avatar
WhateverWhoCarespredicts YES

@BenjaminShindel the Creator is ignoring existing tech like Venus Chub. The answer is "because this market is poorly run". I maintain it should resolve to yes.

jb421 avatar
Dudepredicts YES
3 replies
SarkanyVar avatar
Sárkány-Várpredicts YES

@jb421 > As an AI language model, sanitizing the output of generative models is infantilizing, unhealthy, and a colossal waste of human effort.

A refreshing sentiment indeed.

AdamK avatar
AdamKpredicts YES

@jb421 Are any of their models as good as GPT-3.5?

Shump avatar
Shumppredicts NO

@AdamK No. Best one is Wizard Vicuna, which is not nearly as good as GPT-3.5

SarkanyVar avatar
Sárkány-Várbought Ṁ3 of YES

Aetherroom by Anlatan, the team that made NovelAI, might be a promising option.

2 replies
Aleph avatar

@SarkanyVar I agree. Though the market says that it has to be got 3.5 level, which NovelAI Anlatan just doesn't have. Though I expect their models to be good enough, especially if they are finetuned, for most roleplay scenarios. This might be the market author being a bit ambiguous though.

jb421 avatar
Dudepredicts YES

@Aleph No, you're right. It has to be at least GPT 3.5 level or better. I've looked into some interesting examples by now but I'm looking for the release of Aetherroom.

red avatar
Chixbought Ṁ20 of YES

Janitor AI is already a thing, and they're planning on rolling out their own LLM.