Will Trump be found guilty of Contempt of Congress by the Jan 6 committee?
resolved Jan 11

Resolves YES if Trump is found guilty of Contempt of Congress by the Jan 6 congressional committee. Resolves NO otherwise when the committee formally closes.


https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-63251303 "January 6 panel votes to issue subpoena for Trump testimony"

Mr Trump - who has lambasted the inquiry as a ruse designed to distract US voters from the "disaster" of Democratic governance - is widely expected to refuse to testify and fight the subpoena.

His former political strategist, Steve Bannon, also flouted a similar legal summons from the select committee to testify, and he was found guilty in July of criminal contempt of Congress.


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The committee's final report names several people they consider to be in Contempt, although they need the House to vote on it and the Justice Department to then prosecute it.

Is this market limited to 'Does the Committee request a vote on trump's contempt?' if so, it can close now.

>>> For example, the President’s Chief of Staff MarkMeadows invoked both, and categorically refused to testify, even about text messages he provided to the Committee. The House of Representatives voted to hold him in criminal contempt.688 Although the Justice Department has taken the position in litigation that a former high level White House staffer for a former President is not entitled to absolute immunity,689 and that any interests in the confidentiality of his communications with President Trump and others are overcome in this case, the Justice Department declined to prosecute Meadows for criminal contempt. The reasons for Justice’s refusal to do so are not apparent to the Committee

predicted NO

@CromlynGames The committee would have to find him in contempt similar to Meadows. Also, I don't see where in the final report they say Trump might be in contempt.

This should resolve NO soon same as https://manifold.markets/jack/will-trump-testify-for-the-jan-6-co#yVi4EIMAXudc7jy3xPXG

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Sorry, I meant it would have to be like Bannon, who was convicted of Contempt of Congress.

@jack it doesn't say trump in contempt anywhere. I just meant that if the committee are no longer sitting. they won't issue a request for the vote to trigger the contempt process. (and even if they did, I think the new house is too tied up with stuff to vote on it)

predicted NO

@CromlynGames Yes, agreed. This has been waiting on "Resolves NO otherwise when the committee formally closes." to be fulfilled and should resolve soon.

I'll also resolve it NO tomorrow if there is unanimous support for resolving now instead of waiting.

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