Will Trump appear on the presidential primary ballot in Colorado in the 2024 election?
resolved Mar 3

Context: Trump is ineligible for office under 14th Amendment’s ‘insurrectionist ban,’ Colorado Supreme Court rules - this decision is being appealed to the US Supreme Court.

Resolves YES if Trump is on the Colorado primary ballot for US President in the 2024 election, otherwise NO.

Examples to clarify:

  • If he's deemed ineligible but he is on the ballot, that's still a YES. This might theoretically happen if he's ruled ineligible but such ruling happens after the ballots have been finalized.

  • If he's on the ballot, but drops out after the ballots have been finalized, that's also still a YES.

  • If he is not on the ballot, but is eligible for write-in votes, that's still a NO.

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@OllieG Agree, any objections? Any possible scenarios where the already-printed ballots can be reprinted at this point? (I believe they said they are final)

@jack Not sure on Colorado laws. There are a few states (like mine, VA) and Wisconsin, that it would have to go back to the State Supreme Court. (Example is Wisconsin 2020 when they rejected an appeal by the Green Party's Candidate)

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Big limits on yes

Note: “5-January (Friday)” (in context of Colorado Supreme Court stay until Jan 4)

“Last day for Secretary of State to certify the names and party affiliations of the candidates to be placed on

the March 5th Presidential Primary Election ballot. (No later than 60 days before the presidential primary


Last day for the Secretary of State to deliver the March 5th Presidential Primary Election ballot order and

content to county clerks. (No later than 60 days before the Primary Election)”