Will Manifold add multiple choice with unlinked answers by end of September?
closes Oct 1

Currently the answers in a multiple choice question are mutually exclusive, they must sum to 100%. There are many questions where I'd like to have them either sum to a different number (e.g. "Which movies will be nominated for Oscars Best Picture" where 10 answers will be selected) or not be forced to sum to a specific number at all (e.g. "Will Starship next launch before <August/September/October/November>?" or "Which countries will join NATO this year?"). This question is about the latter.

Resolves YES if there's an option to create a multiple choice market that can be resolved to any number of the answers by end of September (even if it is later removed). It must be supported in the Manifold interface for regular users (API support alone does not count, admin-only support does not count).

This is one of the features that Manifold has said they plan for multiple choice:

  • Adding new answers

  • Sell button

  • An option for independent answers that don't sum to 100%, and/or answers that sum to something other than 100%.

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