How will the House act on the motion to expel Santos?
resolved Nov 2
Failed floor vote to expel
Successful floor vote to expel
Referred to committee

Resolves to whichever action listed above happens next on the motion by New York Republicans to force a vote on expelling George Santos.


A group of New York Republicans moved to force a vote on expelling Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) Thursday, the second effort this year to eject the first-term lawmaker from Congress amid mounting federal charges.

Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R-N.Y.) called the measure to the floor as a privileged resolution Thursday afternoon, which forces leadership to act on the legislation within two legislative days. The House left Washington Thursday afternoon and is not scheduled to return until Wednesday.

Leadership can motion to table the resolution or refer it to a committee, both of which would require majority support. But if the legislation comes to the floor for a vote, it will need backing from two-thirds of the chamber.

The motion:

For context, a previous motion in May was referred to the Ethics committee (,

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Can someone explain to me why such a weird number of dems voted against? If they wanted to wait for the ethics committee, why is that not a consensus position?

And the names that voted nay are so weird, like Porter and Tlaib? Just really confusing to me.

It appears to have gone to a floor vote, which failed.

However, still not 100% sure, anyone have a source that is clear on what action was taken? has not updated yet (usually takes a day or so).

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Please let me know if I've missed any possible next actions that need to be considered.