How will the 2023 US debt ceiling crisis be first addressed?

What will be the first outcome or action taken by the US in the debt ceiling crisis?

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Resolves to the first official US government action that directly addresses or is caused by the debt ceiling crisis. For example, if the Treasury mints the trillion-dollar platinum coin and then later Congress raises the debt ceiling, resolves to the former. For another example, if the US defaults, resolves to that.

The already ongoing "extraordinary measures" will not be included. Things like "hold negotiations" wouldn't count because they aren't US government actions.


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jack avatarRaise the debt ceiling
jack avatarDefault on any debt
jack avatarMint the trillion-dollar platinum coin
daniel avatarCouple the debt ceiling to GDP
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Daniel answered
Couple the debt ceiling to GDP
daniel avatar

@daniel Possibly not mutually exclusive with "Raise the debt ceiling", but this option is very different to raising the dollar amount, as has always been done before

Jack answered
Default on any debt
jack avatar
Jackbought Ṁ1

@jack This will include e.g. the government delaying payments due on Monday to Tuesday.