Will Gazans displaced following Israel's evacuation orders be allowed back to Northern Gaza by April 1st, 2024?
resolved Apr 1

Will Gazans who fled to the south as a result of the Israeli evacuation orders be allowed back to Northern Gaza (e.g. Gaza City) by April 1st, 2024?

Question resolves YES if a major news outlet (e.g. AP, BBC, CNN, Reuters) confirms at least 100,000 Gazans (out of those displaced by the evacuation orders issued after October 7th, 2023) have been allowed to return, are in the process of returning, or have returned to the homes they abandoned following the evacuation of Northern Gaza.

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If anyone is interested, same question for EOY:

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It's part of the current truce talks, but likely too late for the April date:


Israel open to civilian return to north Gaza in truce talks

Israel signalled openness on Sunday to allowing the return of Palestinians displaced from the northern Gaza Strip as part of truce talks, an apparent accommodation of a core Hamas demand.

The history of Israel displacing Palestinians from their homes and land, and preventing their return, spans over 70 years.

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If Israel does it, it will be due to great inside and external pressure to make peace and a "Good Friday Agreement". Won't happen tho. They will occupy and begin to extract oil on top of the corpses.

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