Will Pope Francis (Jorge M. Bergoglio) still be Pope on Dec 31, 2024?

This market will resolve to "YES", if Jorge M. Bergoglio is still head of Catholic Church as Pope Francis on December 31, 2024.

If for any reason Pope Francis leaves the Vatican throne by the end of 2024, this will resolve to "NO".

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JAAMpredicts NO

If he becomes Pope emeritus leaving the papacy for someone else (like Benedictus did) does this still resolve YES

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Tomek K 🟡

@egroj no, it would resolve NO

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JAAMsold Ṁ2 of NO

@kolotom99 so practically only reason for YES is that he dies

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Tomek K 🟡

@egroj no, YES is is he is still acting Pope.
NO, if he resign, dies, etc.