Will Mark Zuckerberg still be Meta's CEO on December 31, 2023?
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How does this resolve if Mark Zuckerberg is revealed to be an evil mud monster mage named "Dark Muckerberg", but Dark Muckerberg is still the CEO of Meta at the end of 2023?

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I once betted in a similar market on Carmack, but here we go, lol

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Interested in the no's, supposedly Mark has majority voting power so is the best that he will voluntarily resign? Or could there be another mechanism for others to remove him I'm not aware of?

Seems extremely unlikely he would resign before seeing how the metaverse strategy plays out.

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@JakeToth If the stock continues to crater it might not matter that he has a supermajority of voting shares. I think he likes being filthy rich, so if staying as CEO means he needs to sell his Hawaiian island or could lose a significant portion of his wealth (50-75%) he will step down out of self-preservation. I doubt very much he will ride the ship all the way down.

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@BTE Thanks!

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