Sport 2023: Will Manchester City win the UEFA Champions League?
resolved Jun 11

This market is part of series of predictions made by Matthew Yglesias. Please check the group to bet on them all.

Matthew Yglesias is a liberal American blogger and journalist who writes about economics and politics. He publishes the Substack newsletter Slow Boring.

Recently he made 10 predictions on sport events, published on

This market is framed exactly as asked by Matt.

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Does anyone even know that the UEFA Super Cup is today? 🤣

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@UniversalFC Europa league winner vs champions league winner? 🥱

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@itsTomekK Resolves to YES!

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All the markets related to this finals match bw Man city and Inter milan are available in this group.

I created a dashboard where all the main and derivative markets for the UCL Finals are aggregated. The dashboard market itself will resolve N/A but provides a single place to easily access all these markets from.

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@firstuserhere this count?

@nobody thanks, I'll add it

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A single page with all markets related to this match aggregated:

First leg City vs Real

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First step is making the quarter finals:

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