Box Office: What will be the highest-grossing movie in 2024?
Dec 31
Dune: Part Two
Deadpool 3
Inside Out 2
Despicable Me 4
Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse

Will resolve to the movie with the highest box-office gross worldwide (in 2024) by BoxOfficeMojo,

see below the list for the highest grossing movies of 2023:


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Not very likely, but there is a fair chance that it will be a Chinese film targeted towards domestic Chinese audiences, no? The tables above don't showcase this. The 7th and 8th highest grossing films in 2023 were Chinese, 9th in 2022, and 3rd & 2nd in 2021!,,

Imo this lineup doesn't have much of the style of blockbusters forces people to the cinema. Deadpool is the only Marvel release and it's R rated so unlikely to be highest-grossing (and that's ignoring Marvel's recent woes, though Deadpool's brand has a separation from the rest of the MCU so this might not be an issue). Dune has a fair chance imo, but its a sequel that will likely have watching the previous movie as a hard requirement, and I don't think it's enough of a phenomenon (unlike Avengers, Star Wars, or Harry Potter) to be highest despite this.

If anything here is going to be highest-grossing, it will be Inside Out 2 given its massive popularity (Inside Out 1 grossed almost 1 billion), family target demographic (think Mario), and the nostalgia factor of a sequel a decade later (think Avatar). Plus, Pixar has done it before despite being animated with Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. However, Pixar and much of Disney in general, post-Disney+, has performed very poorly in cinemas, and it remains to be seen if audiences will decide to just wait for Inside Out 2 to show up on streaming (this likely will be determined by its marketing and quality, as well as the advertised time between release in cinemas and release on Disney+, so is not easy to predict now).

Chinese cinema finally has both the market and the opportunity to realistically overtake Hollywood. Most likely scenario Inside Out 2 grosses +1 billion and nothing else will come close though, what do you think?

@MarkBcb80 If BoxOfficeMojo is the source, I'm actually not sure that would be counted? (I use BOM but still don't quite know how this part works).

On the Wikipedia page for highest grossing films of 2023, Full River Red & Wandering Earth 2 are in the top 10

But BOM doesn't track their chinese gross:

So the creator can offer a ruling if they'd like, but FWIW AFAIK the plan is to use BoxOfficeMojo as a source, & currently BOM doesn't really track the chinese gross for chinese-produced movies.

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