2024: Will Biden's approval rating hit its all-time low?
resolved Mar 17

This market will resolve to YES, if at any point of 2024, the Approval Rating for Joe Biden falls below 37.6% or another All-Time-Low that might be reached in late 2023.

resolution: 538, https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/biden-approval-rating/


Please note, in case of any methodology change, this market will resolve YES whenever the bold line indicates the all-time-low is in 2024.

If there is a tie, detailed data will be used - but only at the end of the year.

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@Weezing thanks for pinigng!

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What do you mean? Suggest me fixes please if you think these rules should be better - and are rather clear (this time).

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maybe in your opinion 'there is no way', but somehow i got an idea for Biden all time low approval market... simply forgetting i posted one few months ago. In the meantime 538 changed their methodology which caused some problems.

I resolved in the most just way, in my assessment.
I seem like a straight up fraud to you? I recommend you to chill down and look for happiness in life, perhaps this game doesn't provide you enough.

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@itsTomekK sry i'll chill. though i think next time don't change the title and description if you intend to resolve the market by other criteria.

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can u just na resolve this too. I can't get my mana out otherwise.

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@will58c "if it falls below 37.6% or another All-Time-Low" - i can resolve it only in 2024