2023 Turkish general election: Who will become the next President?
resolved May 29
AKP candidate (Erdogan)
itsTomekK avatarCHP candidate
itsTomekK avatarHDP candidate
itsTomekK avatar(other candidate)
itsTomekK avatar(elections will be cancelled)

The 2023 Turkish general election will be held on 18 June 2023.

Presidential elections are held to elect the President of Turkey using a two-round system.

This will resolve to whoever is announced to win the elections by the electoral office.

Aug 29, 3:39pm: 2023 Turkish general election: Who will became the next President? → 2023 Turkish general election: Who will become the next President?

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@itsTomekK this market should resolve to "AKP candidate (Erdogan)"
Erdogan wins Turkish election, extending rule to third decade

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The closing time should be updated to be before the new election date.

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Ludwig Bald

@xyz why?

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Related for arbitration:

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marktweisebought Ṁ10 of AKP candidate (Erdogan)

I assume that moving the election to May 14 does not resolve as "cancelled". Adapting the closing date might be a good idea though.

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