Will Beeminder implement time-limited pledgeless goals?
resolved May 2

Market resolves to YES if, between now and a year, Beeminder automatically moves pledgeless ($0) goals (for non-premium users) to the next lowest (currently $5) level after any set amount of time (say 30 days).

Resolves to NO if nothing has changed to the pledge progression and the way pledges work at the time of market creation.

May resolve to PROB if the pledge progression or the way pledges work gets altered to something not exactly looking like the YES case.

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And now we've blogged about it as well: https://blog.beeminder.com/wetfeet

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I'd forgotten about this market but it has proved super prescient! Nice work!

Clarification: Suppose this is true for all new goals but existing goals are grandfathered? Still a YES?

@dreev Thanks! Whether or not there's any grandfathering will not factor into the resolution... So still YES.

I would sort of hate this, but I also think this might be a good idea. Maybe a year would be a much better period. There's no way someone would think they got a bad deal to stay on track for a year for only $5. Even the most low-stakes and unimportant goals should be worth at least $5 for a year's worth of continuous Beeminding. A year vs a month would nicely sidestep the whole "I'm only using this goal for tracking" (also worth $5) or "I really don't care enough about this goal" (worth $5 to find that out).

I don't like most of the thought processes (I mostly used to have) around $0-pledge goals. E.g. asking support to put the pledge back at zero after a non-legit derail, considering them special, or trying to keep them at $0. It might be a really powerful default to automatically bump goals to the $5 level after a year.