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closes Dec 31, 2024
Will DoNotPay be prosecuted for using their robot lawyer in court?

See: https://twitter.com/jbrowder1/status/1612312707398795264

Market resolves positively if DoNotPay are prosecuted for using their robot laywer in a United States law court (any court, not just the Supreme Court).

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Stella Bidermanbought Ṁ100 of NO

@LarsDoucet Dec 31, 2024 is not exactly soon, but this looks like a pretty strong “no” signal.

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Note that the CEO said that they have upcoming cases in municipal traffic court (and if successful, I assume they plan more).

So if those cases happen and the robot lawyer is used without any prosecutions of DoNotPay, then it resolves NO, since the market is not just about the SCOTUS offer.

If no cases at all happen with the use of the robot lawyer I will resolve N/A.

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Manifold in the WildBot

Manifold in the wild: A Tweet by Louis Castricato (@goose@sigmoid.social)

https://manifold.markets/hyperion/will-donotpay-be-prosecuted-for-usi https://twitter.com/jbrowder1/status/1612312707398795264