Will I run a sub 1:45 half marathon?
resolved Dec 16

Well last time didin't work out maybe this time? Maybe if I can avoide getting sick, or am I coping?

Market closes as I start the race.

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Inactive creator, non-public info. Resolving N/A.

If this is wrong, let me know and we can re-resolve!

@humblestumble Did you race? What was the result?

@traders Creator appears inactive; does anyone have info for a resolution?

@humblestumble How'd it go?

predicted NO

Please resolve

predicted NO

How did you do in your last race? I know I voted NO in that market but I'm sorry you didn't reach your goal!

@Zack30 I ran 2 h and 9 min. But in my defence I was recovering from a nasty fever and we ran in a cozy 68 °F

@humblestumble As a runner, I can't imagine running 13 miles while having a fever! I look forward to seeing how you do

@Zack30 Well yeah that would be impossible

Good luck! Do you have another half marathon booked? What does your training look like?

@jonny Thank you, this one is the only one I have booked for the moment. Right now I am running 3 times a week at my local running club and then we have 1 session of strength training every week. Planing to up it to four runs per week soon. Still in recovery 😉