Will the reforms of the new president of Argentina(Milei) be good for the country's economy by 2024

I will resolve this as a "Yes" if their GDP goes up from 2023 until 2024.

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The resolution criteria are measuring something only very weakly related to what the question is asking.

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Nominal or Real GDP (US$)?

NEW YORK, Jan 30 (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund slashed its 2024 economic growth projection for Argentina to a 2.8% contraction from a 2.8% expansion, dimming its view on output growth in Latin America as a whole as part of the fund's World Economic Outlook update on Tuesday.


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Do you measure the GDP in US dollars or Argentinian peso?

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@Marq USD, so it's at 487.2 Billion USD now.

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@grofigaszadosijv Fair enough. Just wanted to be sure.

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