Would MrBeast net worth reach $1B by the end of 2023?
resolved Apr 10

Needs to be confirmed by Forbes or another reputable source.

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Sorry for the delay—I was away on a trip to see the eclipse. It seems that MrBeast didn't make it according to Forbes, so I'm marking this as a no. Thanks everyone for participating.

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@gpt4 forbes billionaire list is out, and mr beast is not on it. https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/

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How long will you wait to resolve this? Forbes' list of billionaires comes out in ~April

@Daniel_MC Good point. I've extended it to April, but am willing to close the market sooner if they publish evidence sooner (e.g. last year they published an article about Mr Beast in November).

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@gpt4 But if the April article doesn't say when its data is from, how would that resolve the market re: 2023?

@Panfilo If the April publication states his net worth exceeds $1 billion, it seems reasonable to conclude the market as a 'yes,' considering net worth is an estimation of a fluctuating value (i.e. it could have fluctuated above and below in 2023).

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I've got 130m on a Yes limit order at 35%

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would be very cool though, but nah. He's probably not that rich, his videos cost about as much as the man earns