Will GPT-4 fine-tuning be available by EOY?
resolved Jan 10

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Inactive creator, resolving NO.

Whilst we didn't get clarification from the creator, it makes sense to not include an "experimental" feature that you have to apply to get approved to use as "available".

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Resolution please @getby

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@getby clarification please, see points of confusion below.

Is a general release necessary, or is a limited/experimental release with a waitlist sufficient?

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@ZincCat D’you think that counts? Imo it can be argued, not sure what the spirit of the market was

@getby to whom does GPT-4 fine-tuning need to be available for a YES resolution?

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I'm wondering now after the news of Sam Altman being fired if this was the disagreement between safety and profit that is theorized to be playing out at OpenAI. Fine tuning gpt4 could potentially degrade safety training, but would be extremely profitable.

@getby does it have to be generally available, or will you resolve YES on the basis of an early access program that only lucky people get invited to?

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Metaculus is quite high, not sure why they have so much confidence it won't be delivered late https://www.metaculus.com/questions/17377/openai-finetuning-api-before-2024/

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10 Days difference to this one

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