Is Hollow Knight: Silksong a prequel?
Dec 30

This market resolves YES if it turns out that the events of Hollow Knight: Silksong occur BEFORE the events of Hollow Knight.

It resolves NO if it turns out that the events of Hollow Knight: Silksong occur AFTER the events of Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is Team Cherry's upcoming game following Hollow Knight.

I will play the game and engage with others about the game before deciding. This market resolves based on what I believe. It seems very likely to me that the resolution will be unambiguous, so I may bet in this market.

If I am less than 90% confident about which way to resolve / about whether I can use the label 'prequel' for this game after having played it, this market will resolve N/A.

If it ends up being the case that a part of the story is set prior to the events of the first game and another part is set post, then I will use my discretion about what 'the spirit' of the game is. If there are significant prequel and sequel elements, or if I am not confident, the N/A clause applies.

I will close this market before the release, if release date is announced.

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This is a hard question, i think it is probably a prequel? Honestly i don't know...

Since Team Cherry doesn't want to take a position on which Hollow Knight endings are canon and many of those endings directly involve Hornet, it would be easiest for them to make Silksong a prequel.

predicts YES

@Arky this is also my reasoning.

predicts YES

Please don't post any comments regarding resolution after Silksong is released! I would prefer to avoid spoilers. I'll resolve it eventually, rest assured :)

If I've failed to resolve for 6 months after release, comment or request admin resolution.

Please remember that resolution of this market may alert you to the correct answer after Silksong releases! If you consider this a spoiler, mute/unwatch the market. I'll wait a while to resolve after release, to give time.