Will I finish my DIY keyboard within 90 days (until 2024-04-04)?
resolved Apr 4

Will I manage to finish my DIY keyboard project? I started in November 2022.

It is a split, ortholinear, handwired keyboard.

- bought a used mechanical keyboard and diodes

- unsoldered the switches from the donator

- 3D printed case parts

- hand wired the switch matrix

I haven't decided on a controller yet, but I have some stuff lying around. For the firmware, I plan to use one of the projects out there™.

To resolve YES

  • keyboard must work with my computer via USB or Bluetooth (one of both is sufficient)

  • I have to boot my computer with no other keyboard attached and navigate to this market and write a comment stating that the market can resolve YES. The comment shall also contain the letters äöüßÄÖÜẞ.

I will only bet YES.

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bought Ṁ20 of YES

Just realized that I only wired one of the halves yet 😆