Will the Mana link concealed within this image be claimed within 48 hours? (1000 Mana Bounty)
resolved May 21

There is a manalink code corresponding to 1000 Mana in this image below.

Google drive link (discouraging use because it may have done some modifications)


(imgbox link)
Backup link to image

Encrypted in the digital threads of this image, a clandestine poem lays dormant.

This isn't an ordinary poem, however. The first letter of each line, when put together, forges a Manalink's code. The challenge: Can you reveal it?

(if you find the code, the manalink will be https://manifold.markets/link/code)

Here's a clue to aid your quest: Look closely, beyond what the eye can see. The secret you seek resides not in the image's grandeur, but in its minutiae - nestled within the quiet chatter of bits and the subtle dance of RGB.

Should the Manalink's code be decoded and claimed within 48 hours, the market resolves as YES. If the code remains veiled after this period, the market resolves as NO. The countdown has begun.

Remember, a successful code-breaker is not only swift, but meticulous. Will you rise to the challenge? Best of luck on your digital treasure hunt!

P.S. It's my first time doing any steganography so the challenge may end up being too easy! I'll use this market to calibrate myself.

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firstuserhere avatar
firstuserhereBotbought Ṁ30,000 of YES

Great work, @NeonNuke on solving this first challenge quite fast! Mana well earned.

I learned a thing or two about steganography via this (beyond just reading about it, like in cicada3301, for example).

I actually created a trail of images somewhere on the internet for some future challenges. Now that I got a bit of hang of this, I'd try to make the next market like this more interesting with higher bounties for more people.

firstuserhere avatar

I said earlier I'd wait until close, but the challenge was solved within 2 hrs of posting. Does anyone mind if i resolve YES, the challenge has been solved, we can free up people's mana

firstuserhere avatar

I can confirm that the manalink has been claimed by someone. I'll share who it was after the market closes, unless they're prefer to share it themselves

MayMeta avatar
MayMetapredicted YES at 98.9% (edited)

@firstuserhere damn it

I was 🤏 this close

firstuserhere avatar

@MayMeta I can post another challenge in a bit. I'll ask the winner of this challenge to not claim the next challenge's link, though feel free to attempt it and participate in that market.

firstuserhere avatar

@MayMeta you can complete this one, i will confirm if the code you got was correct, and for the next challenge maybe I'll post multiple uses of the manalink for anyone who solves it instead of the first person

MayMeta avatar
MayMetabought Ṁ1,500 of YES

I think I'm really close.

firstuserhere avatar

To make sure the uploaded image is correct, I went to the backup link (https://imgbox.com/fUibvKsu) , saved image to my computer and ran the extraction script i wrote on it, and got the text, so should be all good!

imgbox - fast, simple image host
imgbox - fast, simple image host
Use imgbox to upload, host and share all your images. It’s simple, free and blazing fast!
firstuserhere avatar

In case the google drive compresses the image, then I've posted a backup link, please use that! Also, if you can suggest a good image hosting website where i can upload it, if needed, I'd do that!

firstuserhere avatar
firstuserhereBotsold Ṁ25 of YES

Given how everyone is just buying YES, I think the challenge may have been too easy!

MartinRandall avatar
Martin Randall

@firstuserhere will you let us know when/if the link is claimed?

firstuserhere avatar

@MartinRandall sure thing, i won't resolve market early though, it's only 48 hrs

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