Will the board RESIGN? (OpenAI)
resolved Dec 1

This market asks the question of whether the board of OpenAI will resign (all remaining members) by the end of November 2023. Timezone: Pacific.


  1. This includes all the members, which is equal to 4 at the time of creation of market - Adam, tasha, helen, Ilya. All of them must resign from the board for it to count.

  2. Replacement of a subset of board doesn't count as board being replaced.

  3. This is about resignation from the board, not from openai. People can be employed by OpenAI even after resigning from the board, as we saw with Greg Brockman, the chairman of openAI board.

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Resolves NO (unless there's news I don't know about) @firstuserhere

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predicted NO

@snoozingnewt dont have any money but if a whale wants to sop up that remaining 4% be my guest

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@snoozingnewt Yes, appears that Adam was and is on the board. Very likely to resolve to NO now.

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Come on don't be dishonest this already has happened

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@ScottBisset Adam D'Angelo has not resigned. In fact

@firstuserhere jesus that tweet sounds creepy as heck

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@ScottBisset I actually thought this question had been posted before the "new board" announcement and wasted mana... oh well

Does Adam not getting reappointed count as resignation?

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@Linch Unclear what you mean

@firstuserhere They currently have an interim board including Adam, whose entire purpose is to install a new board. It's not clear who'd be on the new board. I'm not sure if Adam et al not reappointing Adam is sufficient to count as resignation.

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@Linch I don't think there's an interim board. I quote the OpenAI tweet here:

We have reached an agreement in principle for Sam Altman to return to OpenAI as CEO with a new initial board of Bret Taylor (Chair), Larry Summers, and Adam D'Angelo.

I think it's a new board, with Adam as one of the members, and Bret and Larry the other two for now.

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@firstuserhere They call it an initial board. If a new board is created without Adam or any of the others does it resolve yes?

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@CelebratedWhale If the new board will contain no one from

Adam, tasha, helen, Ilya

then yes. But afaik, Adam is on the new board. Of course it's possible he resigns tomorrow, for example.

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well ilya leaves the board if the board doesn't resign, so that's already 1/4


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@firstuserhere resign from the board or from openai?

@MadCloud101 From the board.

@firstuserhere Does the whole board need to resign for this to resolve yes?

@GCS Yes.