Will @SirCryptomind be trustworthy-ish by end of 2023?
resolved Oct 4

Resolves YES if they get the trustworthy-ish badge by the end of 2023.

Resolves NO if they do not. Also resolves NO if they get banned.

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It is not just myself that earned it, but rather it being @Manifold and the staff noticing and a big thank you to them for putting in hard work on this site.

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Daggypredicted YES

@SirCryptomind Congratulations!

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Simon Graysonpredicted NO

Well done @SirCryptomind!

Happy to take a loss on this market!

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I will say, I have let myself calm down a lot, and I dont spam too much like I did.

Have only argued heavily on 1 market, and reflecting, it was more about dislike of the creator than anything, and that doesn't need to happen and need to remember to respect new users when they pop off with a popular market and trade better myself based on what is given instead of assuming less ambiguity that a top tier creator tends to avoid.

I feel I have been a good asset to Manifold, especially providing daily markets. And I am always transparent as possible with links for proof and post proof when I resolve showing how I determined the resolution with my listings. Have never had issues with my method of market creation. Also have a fantastic ratings and can dig out of a hole comfortably.

I Pay back loans quicker than expected too!

I believe I should have it, but as for do I deserve it, I believe that is up to Manifold Team to decide and I Don't intend to DM them asking ever and would trust their decision if it never happened.

But I will trade on this market and bet YES 😂

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Why would you put someone who rage-deletes their account in a position of power? Trustworthy-ish should be a cap for a cooler head.

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@Noit Didn’t Mira do a similar thing?

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@Noit Also I would say BTE doesn’t exactly have a cool head. He can be impulsive and even a bit brash sometimes, but he still has the badge, and I think that’s OK. It’s more whether they are acting it good faith that should control it imo. If their impulsiveness gets in the way of being fair, that’s when it becomes an issue.

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@ShadowyZephyr I don't think I was around when BTE got the badge, but if it had happened in the last month or so I would have found it very surprising. Acting in good faith is important, but when I'm trading ultimately I want the market resolution to go smoothly and without any drama, and that requires more than just being a nice person.

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He just deleted his account so I would say that’s a no.

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@dagnazty he's just commented and may undelete his account. He didn't do something malicious afaik, market tanked cuz of deletion of account but if that was temporary...

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How do you even get such a badge. Is there a rule for that or do they appear as soon as one of the site admins finds some spare time?

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@Schwabilismus Hopefully it isn't like the 1985 NBA Draft 😭 🤣

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@Schwabilismus It's a hardcoded list. Periodically Austin (or whoever wins /Austin/who-will-be-supertrustworthyishin the future, potentially) badges a few people, often people whose percentages on these markets are high. The main criteria are a long record of running and resolving markets honorably, and being a positive member of the Manifold community.