[Chemistry test 1] What will GPT-4 Vision score on the Chemistry section of JEE Advanced paper? (out of 60) ($150M sub)
resolved Feb 25
<0 (i.e. negative score)
60 (the perfect score)

Since I do not have access to GPT-4 Vision yet and someone else might, I will not reveal the year of the paper I will test GPT-4 vision on. Here is a MD5 hash specifying the year, so as to confirm later:


JEE Advanced is one of the hardest tests at a pre-college level in the world.

The marking scheme is as follows:

+4 ONLY if (all) the correct option(s) is(are) chosen

+3 If all the four options are correct but ONLY three options are chosen

+2 If three or more options are correct but ONLY two options are chosen, both of which are correct

+1 If two or more options are correct but ONLY one option is chosen and it is a correct option

0 If none of the options is chosen (i.e. the question is unanswered)

-2 In all other cases

All the options are [A,B) format where A is included and B is excluded. For example, 10-15 will be chosen if the score is 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 but not if the score is 15.

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Is this going to resolve?

@JoeandSeth Sorry, I've not gotten around to doing this still, so i will n/a the questions for now . I was curious but sadly didn't find time for this project

@firstuserhere gotcha. Would be interested if you do find the time, whenever that might be

I plan to resolve this and make the tests and solutions public in the next 2 days

What is the deadline for resolving this?

this was the prelimenary result i got from rough testing on one of the papers, but i will repeat the experiment properly for the purposes of the market. but the following should provide a decent anchor for how well its probably gonna do


bought Ṁ10 of <0 (i.e. negative sc... NO

There are always a few questions related to Inorganic Chemistry which appear in the exam. These questions almost always contain a few factual statements out of which one is required to pick the best combination. I predict that gpt-4 will get these questions correct. This alone should net it 15+ points.

A few sample questions, taken straight from JEE advanced 2022 paper, so traders may get a feel for the level of difficulty:

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