Will I have more profit than trader bonuses in Season 5 of Leagues?
closes Oct 1

This market resolves as YES if, according to the final results of Leagues Season 5, I have earned more mana in profit than I have in trader bonuses during the season.

For reference, in previous seasons:

  • Season 4 (Diamond, August): Ṁ3,114 in profit, Ṁ3,427 in trader bonuses

  • Season 3 (Diamond, July): Ṁ1,679 in profit, Ṁ1,135 in trader bonuses

  • Season 2 (Diamond, June): Ṁ2,038 in profit, Ṁ942 in trader bonuses

  • Season 1 (Platinum, May): Ṁ1,310 in profit, Ṁ1,390 in trader bonuses

I don't have full control over the resolution of this market, so I reserve the right to bet on it.

Get Ṁ500 play money

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