Conditional on Tears of the Kingdom having DLC, what will that DLC include?
resolved Sep 6
24%Master Mode or an equivalent harder difficulty mode
12%New outfits
10%Story content involving the new Champions
7%More housing options
5%A crossover with another Nintendo franchise, e.g. Xenoblade (again)
5%More Zonai devices
5%Another challenging activity similar to Trial of the Sword
5%New side quests
3%Creative mode
3%New hidden treasure chests
2%New enemies
2%New weapon(s)
1.9%Additional Purah Pad functionality
1.5%A way to play as Zelda
1.5%Post-game; i.e. playable content that unlocks after credits roll
1.1%New bosses/minibosses
1.1%A new dungeon

This question resolves equally to the set of all answers that appear in some form in the Tears of the Kingdom DLC. As not every feature in the DLC may be announced by Nintendo ahead of time, this question does not resolve until all announced DLC has been released and I have had a chance to play it.

In the event of ambiguity over whether an answer is in the DLC or not, I may ask whoever originally added the answer for clarification; if it is still unclear, I may put it to a vote in the comments or via Strawpoll.

Overly broad answers like "New features" or "New content" do not count, and will not be selected as correct when this question resolves.

If no DLC has been announced or released by the end of June 2025, this question resolves as N/A. If DLC has been announced. this market's closing date will be changed to match the date on which the final announced DLC will be released (which, in the event that DLC is announced but not released before July 2025, may push the closing date of this question back.)

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Jim Hays

@evergreenemily Thanks for the tip! (I got a notification about the tip from you, but I don’t know where that tip showed up, so replying here instead)

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Jim Hays

RIP my 18M in profit :)

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@JimHays Oh god I need to bet on the TOTK DLC markets immediately

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Full disclosure: once unlinked multiple-choice markets are implemented, I'll be making another version of this market. I think that the unlinked format will work much, much better than this format for this question, but since this market has a lot of traders, I'll probably just duplicate it instead of N/Aing it.

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[Mild spoilers, clarification about one of the answers I added:] "new Champions" is synonymous with "present-day sages" for the purposes of this market, and refers to Tulin, Yunobo, Sidon, and Riju in particular.

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Kass hopefully…

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power creepbought Ṁ1 of New areas to explore

new area to explore would count like the shrine we had in BoTW DLC, correct? or would it need to be a more fleshed out region?

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@astyerche It would have to be more fleshed out than that. I was thinking "something that feels like a meaningful addition to or expansion of the existing world map."

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shgfshggsgshgfbought Ṁ5 of New outfits

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