will i get into multiple UK schools?!
resolved Mar 26

my recent MAT scores have all been 90+

not all schools require at MAT

currently a high school junior

main focus in math + cs, have both research and work experience in both

really loved my time in the UK

some notable factors

  • did math research that got published/presented at a conference

  • worked at a swe startup that currently has a 7.5+ mill valuation

  • attended ross and PAIR

  • currently at SPAR, stanford as well

  • have good comp math performance outside of AMCs (my AMCs are ok)

  • ran philosophy club and im still interested in it and will run it again

  • am a decently sane person @Conflux can confirm

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rejected from imperial

predicted YES

this is gonna be difficult probably because i wont be taking the STEP (so imperial is unlikely) and ive withdrawn from warwick/edinburgh, so its up to ucl now i guess

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never mind we up?

predicted YES

@astyerche never mind time travel

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oh 10/10 on imperial cs test*

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its not looking good turns out being not from the uk is not great for uk schools

bought Ṁ20 NO from 74% to 65%
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@astyerche i have not recieved any actual decisions* but they're asking for stuff like predicted grades and w h a t

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MAT in a week!!! wish me luck

bought Ṁ10 of NO

i wonder why people bet yes;

is it for positivity;

or perhaps biases on the schools;

an ignorance of my shortcomings;

or an observation of my strengths;

when people bet no it is more clear;

they feel the answer to the question is no.

ty for betting yes on this market! but i should note i have not reached out to the schools to clarify i am a high school junior...