Will Remco Evenepoel ride for Soudal–Quick-Step in 2025?

Resolves YES if Remco Evenepoel participates in a UCI road race for Soudal–Quick-Step during 2025.

Resolves NO if he does not particpate in any UCI road races in 2025, and also resolves NO as soon as he participates in a UCI road race during 2025 for another team after transfering teams (even in the unlikely scenario that he would return later to Soudal for another race).

If the team changes its name, I will still resolve with the 2023 team name. Similarly, if Soudal–Quick-Step merges with another team, for example if Remco remains in the merged team (and races for it), it resolves YES.

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Elizasold Ṁ24 of NO

How will you resolve this if Soudal - Quick Step merges with another team?

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JAAMbought Ṁ20 of NO

@Eliza I would still consider the merged team as the current Soudal team. I clarified further the resolution criteria in the description and changed the title from 'ride' to 'race' to clarify that he has to compete in a race for Soudal to resolve YES.