Will TCB Scans upload chapter 1109 of One Piece on February 29th?
resolved Mar 1

I am basing this off of GMT-8 time zone for February 29th. If they release chapter 1109 between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59, this question will resolve as “YES.” Anything else will resolve as “NO.”

TCB Scans usually posts the chapter on the same day. 1108 was February 22, 1107 was February 15.

I do not answer my own questions.

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you should've closed this vote on the night of Feb 28 tbh. then our values wouldnt have decreased throughout the day as it got closer to the end of the timeframe

@tsaitama Just checked; feb 29th ended about 3 hours ago, last bet was over 3 hours ago. I ended it correctly.

@dwax what i meant was, once people see that the end of the day is nearing, then they will be more inclined to sell their stare of "Yes" and buy a share of "No" because time is running out for TCB to post. It's less of a bet/prediction and just making a last minute switch, no? Once I saw that it was 1 hour before the end, I easily could have swapped decisions. Or is that not how it works??

*am new so if i am wrong feel free to correct me

@tsaitama I mean, that’s basically how prediction markets work. It would suck if it were with real money, but since it’s Mana, it’s not as big of a deal. Say you decided to buy a “NO” bet as it started to drop in probability, somewhere around 5%. The only way you really make profit off that “NO” bet is if you put down a larger amount of Mana than usual, it’s hard to make anything substantial when a market’s close to ending.

Plus, say you had a “YES” bet until the percentage started to drop and you decided to sell to then purchase “NO” bets; you’re just losing Mana, since you have negative profit on the “YES” bets. You’re basically correct about it all, it’s a bit confusing when you think of it compared to like, normal investing or “betting,” but since it’s a fun platform, it’s not as serious.

Hope that makes sense. Enjoy Manifold!

bought Ṁ500 NO

@dwax should resolve NO now

@ErrorProne Still 2.5 hours left on February 29th, GMT-8.

There isn t even a twitter account all of the are going to sleep easy short

@Gergar The website is still up and there are still about 14 hours left for February 29th GMT-8. You’re free to vote how you want, but their Twitter account being deleted really doesn’t mean much.

@dwax you will see

@Gergar You write this like I invested 1000 Mana into my own question haha, I have zero skin in the game here. If they don’t upload today then they don’t upload, and you’ll profit 🤷‍♂️

@dwax then why you defending it lol

@Gergar You never know until the clock’s out, the superbowl was decided with 3 seconds of overtime left, y’know? I was jumping to defend it because I wanted to read 1109 last night haha, promise I mean no disrespect 🫶

@dwax Same here lol

RIP TCBScans Twitter account. The website is still up.