Will Manchester City win out their remaining Premier League games?
resolved May 19

This market seeks to predict whether Manchester City will have a perfect finish to their 2023-2024 Premier League campaign by winning all of their remaining league matches starting from game week 32.

This market will resolve as "Yes" if Manchester City wins each Premier League match they play from April 11, 2024, until the end of the season. The market will resolve as "No" if they draw or lose any of these matches.

The market will be resolved based on the official results reported by the Premier League after the season concludes or as soon as they lose or draw a match.

Remaining games

32 - City (H) vs. Luton - W

33 - Brighton (H) vs. City - W

34 - Nottingham Forest (H) vs. City - W

35 - Blank

36 - City (H) vs. Wolves - W
37 - Fulham (H) vs. City - W

37 - Tottenham (H) vs. City - W

38 - City (H) vs. West Ham - W

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Spurs making this spicy so far

bought αΉ€31 YES

@HenriThunberg are you actually banking on Spurs here (in which case LOL)?

opened a αΉ€100 NO at 52% order

@diadematus Four games and it's enough for them to draw one of them. Implied odds seem to be about 69% (0.92*0.75) that they win the first two against Wolves and then Fulham.

For any one game they're way likely to win, but the combination seems likely to get to them. We'll see :))

@HenriThunberg I see, but I don't buy this framing. Here's how I see it: City won't lose game 38 at home in a title decider, so that's not it. They rarely lose at home under normal circumstances so it's unlikely they lose to Wolves at home who are playing for nothing. So it'll have to be Spurs or Fulham. Certainly a small chance of a draw in either game, but after watching how Spurs played against Arsenal, I just don't see it. I've also seen City rattle off too many 8-9 match winning streaks when it counts to bet against them.

@diadematus You might very well be right, the factors you mention seem relevant.

I don't follow the Premier League really, so I'm hesitant to get more involved in this market. NO just looked undervalued based on implied odds, so I shot my shot. Best of luck!

only 4 games left...this is definitely way higher than 33%

bought αΉ€95 YES

I believe they will win against Tottenham, as by that point, I believe that the placement between Aston Villa and Tottenham would be decided already, which would mean that Tottenham wouldn't have as strong of an incentive to give their best. Meanwhile, every game left for City is a title-deciding game.

@wabz if Liverpool beat Villa tomorrow, will that change your calculus? I still think City spank them by a lot, given how dire Spurs are in general and their dumbass suicidal "Ange ball" but there's like a 10% chance of mayhem

@diadematus Tottenham would probably be more motivated to win if that was the case, but if Aston Villa manages to get at least 2 points in their last 2 games, it's over for tottenham due to the GD which I doubt Tottenham will change by enough to overtake Villa. Villa and Tottenham are a bit closer than I wouldve expected them to be at this stage of the competition, but its hard to imagine Tottenham coming out ahead at any point

And yeah im confident in city destroying tottenham based on the games tottenham have had against the top 6 this season

I have a hard time seeing City losing any one of these games...Tottenham are ostenisbly the stiffest challenge but they're too volatile and I don't see City losing a title-deciding game on gw 37