Will I get hit by a bike before I graduate high school?
closes 2027

As far as I can remember, I've never been hit by a bike on an actual road, but I've come close on multiple occasions. I nearly got hit by a car last week because of Manifold. Apparently, I have a habit of beginning to cross streets before looking both ways. One semester (block), I earned a 6 (exceeding expectations) in both disposition and achievement for being so good at walking (the "class" was specifically walking).

To count as being "hit by a bike," I have to come in contact with a moving bike, the biker on the bike, or any of the bikers possessions (that can't flow in wind -- so something like paper or leaves won't count). And being intentionally hit by a bike or pushed into the bike lane doesn't count.

This'll resolve as soon as I get hit by a bike, and if I don't graduate high school, this will end when I would have (mid 2027). I won't trade on this market or increase my bike-hitting chances in any way (oops forgot about this for a sec). If someone hits me on a bike specifically to win this market, I'll resolve it in the opposite direction of their position (do not do this).

May 2, 5:42pm: Will I be hit by a bike before I graduate high school? → Will I get hit by a bike before I graduate high school?

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i'd give this a ~20% chance for the next year, so ~60% chance if i sustain my bike probabilities. maybe there's some data that people's bike chances get higher once they get older

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Ameliabought Ṁ10 of YES

if you keep going on manifold you certainly will

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zoepredicts YES
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zoebought Ṁ10 of YES

this is manipulatable!

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Ameliapredicts YES

@amzoeee brb, getting my bike

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zoepredicts YES

@ithildulin ascutvhdibjkaslasdadf,