will there be 5+ known simultaneous couples at nueva in my grade at any given time?

so far this year, we have had three distinct known couples, all of which broke off. two of those couples formed this year, while the other formed last year.

several people have asked someone else out, but to my knowledge, there were no dates (primarily because a lot of the goofballs who asked someone out didn't ask for a first date). but moving forward in high school, i would expect more couples to form.

resolves yes if at any given point in time i know about 5 distinct couples that exist in that moment. polyamorous relationships count as one, fuck buddies aren't relationships unless they explicitly are also dating.

oh, and i'm a freshman with a class size of ~120.

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how does this treat

  • couples you know about but aren’t public

  • couples between a nuevan ‘26 and someone else

predicts NO

@Conflux ah. should've made that distinction.

  1. by known i meant "that i know," not "known by the general public." so unpublic couples that i know would count.

  2. i feel like this should also resolve yes? i'll go ahead and count that