Will I get a 1580+ on my SATs?
resolved Oct 20

I have gotten 800s on math before, though not consistently. I haven't gotten anywhere close to a 780 on reading. That being said, I have the resources (probably) to perform well. Also my parents said that if I got a 1600 I would get to go to Singapore. Which sounds really hype and I would love that.

Looking at the scoring, I think a 780 in reading is quite difficult but maybe manageable if I work hard enough. Maybe.

The last test I took similar to this was the Upper ISEE in October 2021. I fell asleep halfway through and got 98s for math and 96s for reading (there are four sections graded indivudally but somehow I got the same scores for both tests in each category).

My thought is that when the test comes around (this October), hopefully I will have prepared enough + get lucky enough to not mess up on math at all and will have read through all the books I have thoroughly enough to not mess up on reading that much (I think it's much harder to silly on the reading section).

I genuinely don't expect to get a 1600 but it is definitely my goal.

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@cece oof

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always knew you could almost do it but not quite

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@cece r u still going to singapore

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@astyerche i am attempting to

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@cece just go for 2% less time than you would've normally since .98 * 1600 \approx 1570

I'm betting no, but only because you also bet No after taking it. I hope I'm wrong though and won't mind losing mana if I am.

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Just took it, will find out soon I guess

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Just realized I haven't provided updates. Oopsies! Here's a brief summary:

  • I've taken three more CollegeBoard-certified tests, with scores of (from earliest to most recent):

    • 1550: 750 RW (7 wrong reading; 1 wrong writing); 800M

    • 1520: 730 RW (6 wrong reading; 3 wrong writing); 790M (1 wrong nocalc)

    • 1560: 760 RW (4 wrong reading); 800M

  • I've also taken some other not-certified tests (which according to some books is a bad idea because it's not likely to be a proper representation of the actual exam). I don't have my scores on hand but I took, like, three of them and I think they were all 1450-1520. The test did seem a little harder? Idk

  • I signed up for a December test, but I'm still studying and preparing for this one as if I hadn't signed up for another test. The market will resolve according to my October score only.

Official test is on Saturday!

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8/8: Took my 2nd practice test. I have two prep books and they are both very good but also contradict each other. I am handpicking a few tips from each to see what works best for me. It's midnight and I'm really tired but somehow I did decent. I got a 1550 (750 reading, 800 math). I think the reading passages were much harder for this test- I went 46/52- but I came up with a strategy for writing/grammar (I made it up but it sounds like the type of strategy that would be introduced later on in my books, so really I just took the generic concepts it was trying to preach and applied it elsewhere) and went 42/44. And for math I went 20/20 and 38/38.

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Just took a practice test with extremely minimal preparation. I got a 1490 (700 reading, 790 math bc I read a question wrong and I resent myself for that)

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betting no cuz i'm in denial

When is your SAT

@8 oct