Will I visit Proof School at least three times before June?
closes Jun 1

Visiting counts either as going on an open lunch trip with at least one Proofnik for the at least fifty minutes of the lunch break, or entering the Proof School building during a Proof School day, both with Dr.V's given consent. Visiting cannot happen multiple times in one day, i.e. if I wait inside the Proof School building, and then leave for open lunch, only one visit day is counted.

This question resolves to "yes" if I visit Proof School thrice before June 1, 2023.

If I have not visted (to the conditions above) three times before June 1, 2023, this resolves to "no."

Dec 30, 10:17pm: Will I visit Proof School three times before June? → Will I visit Proof School at least three times before June?

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