Will Manifold have a more refined way to filter through markets by 2024?
Jan 1

If they add at least 2 of the filters below this resolves YES:

Filter by market probability

Filter by specific date range

Filter by number of traders

Filter by last activity

I mean filter, not sort. You should be able to pick a specific date range/number of traders etc and it will only show those markets. This date range should be more specific than "next month" and should allow small changes

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Isaac King

Not quite as convenient, but I figured I'd mention that I have a third-party search page that can do three of those things. (It can't do total traders yet, but I plan to add that soon, and in the mean time it can do liquidity, which is more practically useful anyway.)


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@IsaacKing Very cool! Thank you. Still not going to resolve YES because I'm looking for an official feature, but I will certainly use this.

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galagapredicts NO

It's over YES holders, there are multiple manifold employees holding NO

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@galaga i'll buy NO just to incentivize it tbh

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Filter by market volume would also be great.

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cc6predicts NO

@Riemann Whoops, I forgot that but don’t want to change the resolution criteria. Hopefully the Manifold admins will see this along with the market if they add more filters