Will a new non-dairy milk find mainstream popularity before 2025?

Oat milk is great! Granted there's a lot of vegetable oil in it, but it goes well in a latte.

Will coffee shops be putting some new kind of plant milk in my latte anytime soon? (not e.g. almond, cashew, coconut, soy)

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To clarify, is oat "new" or not?

@Ramble oat is not new

@loafenson please add an explicit, complete list to the question. None of the milks mentioned below are newly invented, they are just becoming more available wherever you live.

@Ramble mainstream popularity is the name of the game here

@Ramble things i would not consider "newly popular":

rice, soy, almond, cashew, oat, coconut

I've seen pea milk occasionally - it seemed surprisingly good, but I see it almost never. So that gives me confidence to bet this one up, besides the general innovation we see in that mylky market

@mcld pea milk will have to be called something else to get popular though lmao

Peanut milk is already popular in some countries. I also occasionally see hazelnut milk and Hemp milk. Rice milk (usually not alone, but in rice+almond) used to be popular but I'm not sure where it went. But my bet would be on peanut milk, because peanuts are way cheaper than almonds or cashews.

@Shump nice. i would count any of these but rice milk as new if they become popular

@loafenson I've def seen cashew milk around but it's hard to beat good old oats