Will I contract Covid-19 if I travel to Wisconsin for 2-3 weeks in Sept 2022?
Oct 15
M$87 bet
I'm planning a trip to Wisconsin (from Asia) in September. This market is to assess my risk of testing positive while in the US and thus become unable to return to Asia in a timely manner. - This market resolves to "Yes" if I test positive for Covid-19 during or within one week following my planned travel to Wisconsin - This market resolves to "No" if I make the trip and do not test positive. - This market resolves void if I test positive between now and September. - This market resolves void if I cannot travel. - This market resolves "Yes" if I cancel the trip due to Covid concerns. Disclosures: - The purpose of the trip is to visit my elderly parents. - We are all triple-vaccinated. - I have not previously tested positive, despite being exposed several times. - Tests prior to departure and upon return will be PCR. Tests in the US (if symptomatic) will be home tests. - I am planning to double-mask with N95 / KF94 and a surgical mask during the flight and in the airport. (The flight is 14 hours with one or two layovers.) - I will probably spend most of the trip at home and in nature with my parents. Please feel free to ask additional questions to assess my risk profile in the comments.