Will CNN's online news abandon its left-leaning bias by 2025 according to AllSides Media Bias ratings?
May 31

AllSides analyzes news organizations and rates their political bias on a five-step scale based on scientific, multipartisan analysis. CNN's online news bias rating has shifted from "center" in 2017 to their left-most rating in 2021.

A merger between CNN's indirect parent company, WarnerMedia, and Discovery was completed in April 2022. According to Axios, David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery, considered ratings secondary to credibility and wished to return CNN's reporting to more neutral standards.

This question resolves Yes if the media bias rating on the CNN (Online News) AllSides page shows Center at any point before 2025 (UTC). Otherwise, the resolution is No.

If the rating changes to Center at one point, but changes away again by 2025, this question still resolves as Yes.

If the rating changes to a right-leaning one, without ever being Center, this question resolves as No.

If AllSides's rating scale changes, the middle rating (or two middle ratings on an even-numbered scale) will count as "Center" for the purposes of this question.

If the "CNN (Online News)" entity stops being rated, another news organization's rating may be used, for example a possible "CNN (All News)", as long as it's clearly described as encompassing CNN's online news.

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